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III ShakkiNet International 2001

News from the tournament

Four IM-norms in three years, the ShakkiNet-tournament has really earned its place in Finnish chesscalendar.
GM group: grandmasters take the first places, and the young Finn Tomi Nybäck makes an IM norm.
The result of the game Blauert-Holmsten is a draw. In the final time scramble Holmsten mated his opponent, by making his 3-4 last moves with 1 second on his clock. Later it was found out that the digital clock was out of order, and the game was agreed to a draw in a very sporting manner.
Estonian players Kiik and Seeman share the win in IM group. Sauli Keskinen was close to a norm, reaching the 3rd place.
White 4,5 - Black 0,5 on the 7th round. Still Nybäck and Mäki-Uuro fighting for IM-norm and they will meet on the next round. Kekki lost his changes in IM-group, and once again it is a duel between Estonians Kiik and Seeman.
Disappointments to many Finnish players on round 6 , seems like no GM-norm this time. Only Mäki-Uuro (needs 3/3 for GM or 1.5/3 IM), Nybäck (2/3 IM) and Kekki (3/3 IM) have changes for a norm any more.
GM-group 5th round: defending champion GM Solozhenkin took lead after beating Salmensuu. It looks like no norms this year in IM-group , as the three IM:s have taken their places on top.
After four rounds surprise leader FM Mäki-Uuro. Also IM Salmensuu had good day, when he beat top ranked GM J.Horvath.
Good fighting round in GM-group, with three decisive games and in the other two games the board was empty when draw agreed. Grandmasters are starting to rise up, victims were Holmsten and Nybäck.
Excellent start for Finnish players, after two rounds IM Karttunen, IM Holmsten, FM Mäki-Uuro, Nybäck all have 1,5/2.
In case you have missed, our new web pages can be found at www.shakki.net.
Tournament and fight for the norms has started. In spite of hard attempt only one decisive game in GM-group.
Confirmation from FIDE, GM-norm 6,5/9, if no one else withdraws...
More casualties, IM-group now I Categorie. I ShakkiNet tournament produced one IM-norm, 2SI two, how many this time?
Few changes into players list. GM-group VIII, IM-group II Category.
New rating list has been published. GM-group IX, IM-group III Category.
Preliminary players list is ready. The main purpose for ShakkiNet tournaments is to give as many normchanges as possible for Finnish players.
Tournament takes place 21-30/6 in Shakkikoti (House of Chess).

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