Joensuu Chess Club

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Joensuu Chess Club

Joensuu Chess Club is founded in 1945. During the past 5-10 years Joensuu Chess Club have risen to the rank among the best chess clubs in Finland. There are about 60 members in Joensuu Chess Club. Most of them are coming from the city of Joensuu or the surrounding province of North Carelia.

There is a lot of activity in Joensuu Chess Club, i.e different kind of inner tournaments throughout the year, open tournaments, participation in different kind of events in Joensuu and participation with several teams in team chess leagues. In the years 2002 and 2006 Joensuu Chess Club won the finnish championship of team chess league. During the last years Joensuu Chess club has participated in the team blixt championship with the greatest amount of teams in Finland.

Joensuu Chess Club has international contacts, too, mostly with Russian Karelia and Estonia. In 2001 Joensuu Chess Club participated in European Club Cup in Crete and  in 2002 Joensuu Chess Club took participate in ECC-tournament in Kallithea, in Greece.