Tervetuloa Tampereen suurimman shakkikerhon kotisivuille!

Briefly in English

About Our Chess Club

Tammer-Shakki is the biggest chess club in Tampere and one of the largest in whole of Finland. Tammer-Shakki was formed in 2005 when three local chess clubs joined forces and decided to continue under one name. We have over 100 members, from beginners to international masters.

For more information about our club: chairman Mika Karttunen (044 5556424), karttusmika [ [at] ] gmail.com

Club Evenings

Club evenings are held on Thursday evenings at the Sammonkatu 17-19. Check calendar ("kalenteri") to see playing venue. Tournaments start at about 6:00 pm, it is advisable to come a bit sooner so that the pairings can be made in time. Games usually end around 9 pm - 9:30 pm.

Monthly program for the club evenings:

  • 1st Thursday: blitz tournament (5-min)
  • The last Thursday of the month: special program
  • All other evenings 15-min tournament

Playing in club tournaments costs 5 euros. Alternatively can be paid 20 euro seasonal fee (January-June or July-December). The games are not officially rated but the club keeps its own rating list, everyone who has played in one or more club evenings gets a club rating.

A warm welcome everyone interested in chess!

Junior Evenings

Youth chess evenings are held on Monday evenings at 6pm - 8pm starting 9th January in Sammonkatu 17-19.

New members are more than welcome!

For more information contact Mika Karttunen, p.044-5556424