Suomen Kirjeshakkiliitto ry


The tournaments are played on the occasion periods of 45 years of the Correspondence
Chess Federation of Finland.

With ICCF gracious assent we´ll organize two Jubileum tournaments; one by email, one by normal post.

The tournaments remaining played in two stages - the semifinal and the personal final.

The time-table of tournament: Semifinals 23.2.2006 to 23.8.2007. The finals will start on the 1st of September 2007. The tempo of the semifinal games: email 50 days /10 moves, normal post 30 days /10 moves. ICCF rules apply.
Three email-semifinals, two best players of each group will play in final group.


Tournament Director:

Leo Lahdenmäki

Maasälväntie 5-9 L 62,

FIN–00710 Helsinki,


Email: Leo Lahdenmäki


FINJUB-45 (65 different players altogether finals including!!!).
The different countries will nominate their finalists at the latest in the summer of 2007.

Straight to the final (9):
Sweden 1 place, minimum 2400
Holland 1 place, minimum 2400
Israel 1 place, minimum 2400
Finland 1 wild card (tentatively Reijo Hiltunen) GM 2534
Lars Hyldkrog (Denmark's nominee) SIM 2535
Teijo Oikamo SIM 2483
Kari Kolehmainen IM 2438
Bo Jäderholm SIM 2470
Ervin Janosi (Hungary's nominee) SIM 2407

Semifinals (29 players) (3 groups, two with 9 players and one with 11, two (2) players will
qualify for the final from each group)
There will be 15 players in the final.

Straight to the final (7):
Israel (1)
Sweden (1)
Denmark (1)
Holland (1)
Finland (1) wild card
Raimo Sutela IM 2440
Harri Fröberg SIM 2435
Semifinals (23 players) (two groups with 11 and 12 players respectively, three (3) players will
qualify for the final from each group)
There will be 13 players in the final.