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In memory of IM Alberto Barreras (*CUB 1951 +VEN 2015), the Venezuelan Federation of Chess By Correspondence FEDAPVEN organizes a second international tournament on October 15, 2019 in honor of who was a great chess player, coach, referee and leader in favor of Cuban, Nicaraguan, Brazilian and Venezuelan chess. The first event was held the year of his death, in 2015, and had a zonal category, organized
by CADAP Zone 2 ICCF. This second tournament will be PROMOTIONAL in 13 Categories of ICCF, in search of desired Norms IM, CCM and CCE and in passing a prize in Euros for the champion of each section of the Tournament.


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Invitational Tournament 
Organizer: Postal Chess Federation of Venezuela FEDAPVEN
Rating List 2019-4
Time control: Triple Block (400)
Start date:  October 15, 2019

- 33 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 1 and 2.
- 28 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 3, 4, 5 and 6.
- 22 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 7, 8, 9 and 10.
- 17 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 11 and 12.
- 12 EUROS to the winner of each section in group 13.

Registration by Participant: 11 EUROS through PayPal (

TO: César Jesús Reyes Maldonado (VEN)
TD: IA Juan Martello (ARG)

Group 1:
11-13 Players
Cat. L (2226-2250)

Group 2:
11-13 Players
Cat. K (2201-2225)

Group 3:
11-13 Players
Cat J (2176-2200)

Group 4:
11-13 Players
Cat I (2151-2175)

Group 5:
11-13 Players
Cat. H (2126-2150)

Group 6:
11-13 Players
Cat. G (2101-2125)

Group 7:
11-13 Players
Cat. F (2076-2100)

Group 8:
11-13 Players
Cat. E (2051-2075)

Group 9:
11-13 Players
Cat. D (2026-2050)

Group 10:
11-13 Players
Cat. C (2001-2025)

Group 11:
11-13 Players
Cat. B (1976-2000)

Group 12:
11-13 Players
Cat. A (1951-1975)

Group 13:
9-11 Players
Without category (1950 or less)

Important notes:
REGISTRATION CLOSURE: September 28 for Tournaments that are complete with their maximum number of Participants.

UPLOAD TO THE WEB SERVER ICCF: Between September 29 and October 1 the tournaments that are complete with their maximum of Participants.

NUMBER OF TICKETS PER PLAYER: Any Player You can register more than once in your Group, up to a maximum of the sections that can be
structured in that Group, until the closing date of registrations.

EXTENSION OF REGISTRATION: From September 29, until completing the Minimum of Participants per Extra Tournament, which will be uploaded
immediately to the ICCF web server in what is completed.

EXTRA TOURNAMENTS, EXCEPTIONS: Entries of Chess Players with Rating above or below that required by the Group will be allowed, as long as
the final average of its participants maintains the Category to which it corresponds. This is applicable only for extra tournaments, which
registration takes place after September 28. The purpose is to complete the minimum number of participants for the Extra Tournament, which
will be a maximum of one Tournament per group.

CCM / ML César Jesús Reyes Maldonado