Ellivuori Grandmaster Tournament


International chess tournament in Hotel Ellivuori


Ellivuori Grandmaster Tournament will be played in the city of Vammala from 24th of August to 1st of September. It will be the first grandmaster level womans chess tournament in Finland. The best Finnish lady players International Masters Johanna Paasikangas-Tella, Niina Koskela and Tanja Rantanen will all participate to the tournament.

The tournament will be played in Hotel Ellivuori in Vammala. Together with the ladies tournament there will a weekend tournament organized by the Vammala Chess Club, and an open blitz tournament with some of the lady players participating.

The tournament is organized by Vammala Chess Club, The Central Chess Federation of Finland and Antti Pyhälä Coaching Fund.

More Information

Arto Satonen, 0500-639617, asatonen@sci.fi

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Updated 16.4.2002