Ellivuori Grandmaster Tournament


Dana Reizniece

1. Where do you come from, and what are you doing for your living?

I am coming from a small town Kuldiga in Latvia which is famous for its naturally preserved old buildings and the widest waterfall in Europe. I am studying at Ventspils University College prospectively becoming a translator.

2. When did you start to play chess? Why do you play chess? What do you like most in chess?

I started to play chess when I was 8. This is a game which first attracted me with its character - it gives much space for player's fantasy. One reason I really enjoy playing chess and going to tournaments is that it makes me acquainted to people from different nations which I consider to be really exciting.

3. What have been your best achievements in chess? What are your goals as a chess player?

Starting from winning the European Youth Championship in 1998 and 1999 I have succeeded in many international tournaments. Several times I have become a Latvian Women Champion which ensured a possibility to lead our ladies' team in Chess Olympiads and European Team Championships.

As playing chess gives me a pleasure I would like to do it as long as possible. Chess has become a vital part of my life, and therefore I want to achieve in it exactly as much as I deserve. I believe that there must be a balance between one' s work and success.

4. Who is your coach? How do you train nowadays? How you can combine your civil life and playing chess in serious level?

My coach is Viktors Steinbergs from Kuldiga, but I have consultations with several grandmasters. Now my trainings are usually held in weekends as studying takes the most of time. Planning of my time and quite fast pace of life helps me to combine the private life with playing chess.


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Updated 19.8.2002