Ellivuori Grandmaster Tournament


Niina Koskela

1. Where do you come from, and what are you doing for your living?

I am a Master of Science in Engineering and now I am working as a product manager.

2. When did you start to play chess? Why do you play chess? What do you like most in chess?

I learned the moves by the time I was four and then we sometimes used to play in family. I have played actively since I joined Käpylä Chess Club in Helsinki at mid 80's.

It's hard to say what I like most in chess. It has given me so much - starting with great victories and good friends.

3. What have been your best achievements in chess? What are your goals as a chess player?

My best achievement was in the Women World Championship 2001, where I managed to get among best 32.

4. Who is your coach? How do you train nowadays? How you can combine your civil life and playing chess in serious level?

My coach is Tapani Sammalvuo. Living together with my coach is a good possibility to combine my private life with chess training.


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Updated 19.8.2002