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Brief Introduction in English

Hannunniitun shakkikerho is a chess club situated in the elementary school of Hannunniittu, which is located in Turku. Hannunniittu's chess club has a long history spanning over 20 years now. Its success and activity are largely based on the former chess teacher Päiviö Kallio's enthusiasm and work. Also the school's attitude towards chess has been very positive.

In 2001 Päiviö Kallio asked me, his old student, to continue his work. I agreed and have been teaching chess since then. In this semester (2004-2005) we had a total of almost 40 pupils aged 7 to 14 years playing in the club.

This web site gives information about our chess club but the main focus is to provide some learning material in Finnish to junior chess players. At the moment in the chess school (shakkikoulu) section of the site, you can find a growing number of various articles contributed by Finnish top players.

This is unfortunately the only information available in English here, but if you have any comments about the web site, or questions regarding our chess club or chess in general, please feel free to contact me by mail at vjvain (at)

Ville Vainio