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Here are links to congress photos, day by day...



ICCF congress 2011-07-31, Opening Ceremony


ICCF congress 2011-07-31, Opening Banquet


ICCF congress 2011-08-01, Congress


ICCF congress 2011-08-01, EveningBlitz


ICCF congress 2011-08-02, Titles


ICCF congress 2011-08-02, European Meeting


ICCF congress 2011-08-02, Congress


ICCF congress 2011-08-03, Friendly Match


The photographs are for free for private use by Congress participants.

In case you want to use them for chess publications or non-profit publications, they are free for use by Delegates and members of delegations. The photographers name must be mentioned (Panu Laine).

If you need higher resolution versions of some pictures, or you are going to use the photos for other (commercial) use, please email to me at


All photos above are by Panu Laine / Finland.



ICCF congress 2011-08-03, Excursion to Porvoo


ICCF congress 2011-08-04, Excursion to Helsinki


ICCF congress 2011-08-05, Closing Banquet


All photos in  excursions and Closing Banquet are by Olavi Riikonen / Finland.



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